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Registration for Next Session

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If you have never played underwater hockey and would like to register to a program the first step is to click on one of the three buttons on this page (Nemo, Junior or Adult) and add your name to our distribution list. This list will be used to advise you of the date the registrations will open, pool cancellations or club events.

Note that each player must become a member of the Canadian Underwater Games Association (CUGA) to participate in a regular program. The membership must be purchased in the registration/store page on the left menu of the home page, at a cost of $10/year per player. 

Registrations should open August 25th.

Did You Say .... Underwater?

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...that’s the reaction most people give us when they hear "Underwater Hockey" for the first time. Some think we’re joking, but Underwater Hockey actually started back in 1954, and has grown to become an international sport.

In the Gatineau-Ottawa region, underwater hockey has been alive and well for over 15 years. Our Club, has over 50 members (men, women and children) ranging  in ages from 6 to over 50 (see the NEMO kids in action).

Skill levels vary too. Some members are just starting out, trying to hold their breath long enough to get to the bottom of the pool and make a play. While others have played for years, and have felt the excitement of representing Canada in international competitions.

In 2011, three (3) of our members competed at the World Underwater Hockey Competitions in Portugual.

June 2010 marked the beginning of a whole new evolution to Underwater Hockey in the Gatineau-Ottawa region. That’s when we began our new aquatic partnership with the City of Gatineau in their new world-class Sports Centre (shown above). We also now have programs in the Paul Pelletier Aquatic Centre.

This partnership not only gave us much improved playing facilities, but the City of Gatineau’s support allows us to now offer programs for adult beginners, juniors (youth 12 to 17), NEMO Kids (6 to 12, see the video) and adult more challenging levels.


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