Underwater hockey has been in the Gatineau-Ottawa region for over 25 years. There have been an number of individuals whose efforts have been essential in fostering and promoting the sport in this region. The club has recognized their contribution by making them lifetime members of the club.

Here is the list of individuals:

  • Mark Game (2009)
  • Pierre Larose (2010)
  • Sylvain Neveu
  • Tony Ferguson
  • Andrew Armstrong
  • Daniel Careau
  • Laia Navarro Martin (2014)
  • Jordi Cano (2014)

Mark Game (Lifetime Member since 2009)

Mark was awarded the first Lifetime membership in 2009, and he won the first MVV (most valuable volunteer trophy) in 2008.

Together, he and Pierre started the Junior Program, worked on the Executive as Communications Director, reviewed and restructured some of the Clubs financial statements with Andrew Armstrong who had initially set them up, and he researched and set-up the initial Club insurance policies. He was largely responsible for getting the GO Club into the Centre Sportif under attractive terms and conditions so that we could move from Plant Bath, when the Centre first opened. He set up the original website, then integrated an Auto Responder to start automating some of the Communications and building a sales funnel to attract non-members and visitors to join, coordinated and/or designed most of the branding materials for the Club (with input from the membership).

He created a Nemo promotional video, was one of the founders of the Junior Program, a Coach, and a tournament referee.

Pierre Larose (Lifetime Member since 2010)

Pierre is an avid underwater hockey player with over 25 years' experience in the game. He has participated in national and international tournaments throughout the years and has played at Worlds three times in Canada's Elite Men's Division (South Africa 1996, San José, California 1998, and Australia 2000, when they won Bronze). For years, he has contributed to the sport through training and coaching adults of all skill levels. In 2012, he was asked to help train some of the elite women athletes going to Worlds.  In 2009, Pierre founded the junior UWH program at the Gatineau-Ottawa UWH Club and has since remained focused on preparing junior UWH players - both male and female - for international competitions.

Sylvain Neveu



  1. Médaillé d'or au tournoi national 2017. Masters Québec. / Gold medalist at the 2017 Nationals. Québec Masters.
  2. Sélecteur de l’équipe canadienne des femmes de moins de 19 ans, 2017. / Selector for the Canada U19 women’s team, 2017.
  3. Championnats mondiaux CMAS 2016, Stellenbosch, Afrique du Sud, Masters Canada. / CMAS Worlds 2016, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Masters Canada.
  4. CMC 2012, Masters Canada. / CMC 2012, Masters Canada.
  5. Championnats mondiaux WAA 2008, Durban, Afrique du Sud, niveau élite Canada. / WAA Worlds 2008, Durban, South Africa, Elites Canada.
  6. Sélecteur de l’équipe canadienne des hommes de niveau élite, 2004. / Selector for the Canada Elite men, 2004.
  7. Championnats mondiaux CMAS 2000, Hobart, Australie, niveau élite Canada. / CMAS Worlds 2000, Hobart, Australia, Elites Canada.
  8. Ancien président du club de hockey subaquatique de Gatineau-Ottawa (GO-Club). / Past president of the Gatineau-Ottawa Underwater Hockey Club (GO-Club).
  9. Fier représentant du GO-Club lors des tournois continentaux (PCC, ACC). / Proud representative of the GO-Club at various continental tournaments (PCCs, ACCs).
  10. Fier représentant du GO-Club aux tournois régionaux (Montréal, Québec, Cornwall, Guelph, Londres). / Proud representative of the GO-Club at various regional tournaments (Montréal, Québec City, Cornwall, Guelph, London).


Quotes: Score first, then follow the bubbles. / Marque d’abord, suis les bulles après.

Tony Ferguson


Andrew Armstrong


Daniel Careau


Laia Navarro Martin (Lifetime Member since 2014)


Jordi Cano (Lifetime Member since 2014)


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